The aim of this article to provide you the complete knowledge of Fishing Rods. This summer you will see many newcomers in Charleston to fish for the first time. The beginners often ask us what type of rods is better for them. They normally buy rods which are advertised on the TV Or internet. Here they make the mistake because all rods are not made for everyone, some are good to catch freshwater large size fish while others are specially designed for beginners with lightweight technology. After reading this article you can easily find the rods that suit your style. Always choose which is best for you do not copy others stick to your style of fishing and make regular improvements in your moves and choice.


Choose high-quality rods but this does not mean high price fishing rods are always better. Of course, you need to pay attention to the material of it. According to fishing experts, one should check the movement of different components of the rod and also check the performance when all the parts work together. This method is used by the companies to give the star rating to their products. Check the following things while choosing your first fishing tool.

The type of material is used (pay close attention to handles, guides and the bending capacity of the shaft)

Type of fishing reel ( it should be perfect fits onto your selected rod)

The weight distribution of rods including comfort, handling, balance, and length.



You can only target the fish you want if you have right tools (fishing rods, reel etc). Many beginners when trying fishing first time they buy low priced rods. They believe that are rods are equal as they look similar and every single piece is made fro fishing. They think this way due to the lack of knowledge or experience. Sometimes people just try fishing because their friends like it and force them to go with them for these kinds of people any rod is perfect. Because they catch or do not catch does not matter for them.

Real Heroes of the fishing field knows the importance of every single tool which will be going to help them to catch large size fish. Low cost or poorly build rods often have many problems mainly snags, backlashes this happens many times in a single session. Let us make it simple in one word “you get what you pay”.

Always ask few questions to your self before buying any rod

Why you want a fishing rod?

What material do you want?

Is this for beginners or for you need to gain some experience to play with it?

Where are you fishing we mean in Ocean, Lake, River, sea etc?

Do you have any experience in fishing?

When you are on hunt your equipment plays a big role to catch a fish. They also save your time and allow you to act quickly at the right time. Bad rods are stiff and hard the material they use to make them reduces their sensitivity which is a negative point. The sensitivity of a rod male you able to sens a fishing bite right way hence this increases your chance of getting more fish in every session.

NOTE: We advise you to check the Fishing Rules and Regulation Of South Calorina To avoid any kind of Fine. Beginners normally do not have knowledge of fishing regulation read these rules before